JAMA Viewpoint: Addressing Physician Burnout

In this JAMA Viewpoint (2/7/17), physician-researchers from Mayo Clinic review the research about burnout among physicians and medical trainees and provide a list of recommended reforms to address the problem. 

The suggested reforms include: reduction and streamlining of documentation, improvement of workflow with minimization in clerical tasks, implementation of new practice models to increase clinic efficiency, recognition of overwork and commitment to increased work time flexibility for physicians, elimination of questions about personal diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions on state medical license applications, increased funding for research on physician wellbeing, programs to enhance self-awareness and self-reflection for medical personnel, and prioritization of burnout prevention by medical leaders. 

Original JAMA article here.

I Felt Alone But I Wasn't: Depression Is Rampant Among Doctors In Training

By the end of my first year of residency, I knew I was in trouble.
I was overwhelmed by the 15-hour days, the unbearable sadness of the tragedies I witnessed, my feelings of impotence and my fears of making a mistake.
My life was my work and everything else seemed to be falling apart: my physical health, my relationships, my ability to sleep after months of night shifts.

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