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The Communications subgroup manages the calendar, newsletter, website, and social media accounts for the Wellness Initiative. The Wellness Calendar is dedicated to bringing together wellness-related and fun events both on and off-campus into one easy-to-access repository. Our weekly Wellness Initiative Newsletter serves as an important tool to keeps the school updated about these events and to relay any important wellness-related updates. The Social Media team works to promote and advertise Wellness Initiative efforts and events, and seek out national conversations about wellness to share with the student body. The Website features wellness-related events, creative works on various mediums, and resources promoting wellness. 

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Mental Health

The mental health group advocates for improved access to mental health screening and services for students on the BUSM campus. They also plan an annual Wellness Fair.

  • Click here for information on how to obtain behavioral health care as a BUSM student!

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Social health

The Social/Puppies team helps to plan and coordinate social events for BUSM students both on and off campus... and in response to the student body's defiant request for puppies, they are dedicated to bringing more puppies on campus and to students! Events include outdoor activities, happy hours, and sports outings. Events are listed on the Wellness Calendar


Intellectual health

The Wellness Initiative organizes and hosts a series of talks regarding burnout, work-life balance, and mindfulness, among other topics, throughout the school year. The talks are listed on the Wellness Calendar and weekly email.


Physical health

This subgroup works to advocate for the physical health our student community by focusing on improving access to primary and preventative care, promoting exercise and physical fitness, and providing family planning resources.


Steering Leaders: Alexis Clay (MS4), Kate Trecartin (G3-MD/PhD), Andrea Foster (MS4)

Mental Health: Yeon Woo Lee (MS4), Eric Pellegrini (MS2), Kathy Chen (MS2), Ilana Regenbogen (MS2), Alina Razak (MS2), Allison Tipton (G1-MD/PhD), Kate Trecartin (G3-MD/PhD), Michelle Domini (MS3), Jessica Shi (MS2), Margaret Minnig (G2-MD/PhD), Halina Yee (MS3), Kelly Drozdowicz (MS2), Yelu Zhang (MS3)

Social / Puppies: Denise Garofalo (MS3), Eric Brownhill (G3-MD/PhD), Kathy Chen (MS2), Michelle Domini (MS2), Sehar Resad (MS2), Natalie Thom (MS3), Kelly Drozdowicz (MS2), Jack Mizelle (MS2)

Resiliency Series: Nick Genovese (MS4), Pramod Kamalapathy (MS2), Megan Davis (MS3), Mir Lim (MS2) 

Physical Fitness: Michelle Domini (MS3), Riley Hales (MS2), Natalie Thom (MS3), Sehar Resad (MS2), Eric Pellegrini (MS2), Faizah Shareef (MS2), Yelu Zhang (MS3)

Communications: Alexis Clay (MS4), Yeon Woo Lee (MS4), Spoorthi Sampath (MS2), Reena Bastin (MS2), Megan Alexander (MS2), Andrea Foster (MS4)

Past members & alumni

Past Steering Leaders: Jay Schmakel, Albert Nadjarian, Brad Zehr, Ariel Porto, James Trussler, Yeon Woo Lee

Past Members: Kelsey Thomas, Priyanka Jethwani, Wenqi Feng, Lucy Li (MS2), Jess Tse, Sara Achrati, Jamie Stull, Nimish Bhatt, Sam Sheffield, Doug Dicola, Graham Boyd, Jane Lock, Soo Kyung Hwang, Mary Louise Fowler, Jacquelyn Piraquive, Alex Solomon, Claire Lis, Ekta Patel, Caitlin Trottier, Syona Shetty, Michael Emmerling