Our mission is to advocate for a culture of wellness at BUSM, ensure adequate access to mental health resources on campus, promote resiliency and work-life balance, foster professional and personal camaraderie, and provide opportunities to decompress from academic demands. 

The Wellness Initiative was inspired out of the recognition of a fundamental irony within the medical community: that physicians-in-training all share an underlying desire to help other people, yet struggle to help themselves or colleagues when faced with their own adversity. Through this initiative, we hope to break down these barriers and restore a sense of community. While the medical field continually strives for perfection, we hope that the stories we share and the discussion we foster through this forum will remind physicians and trainees that ultimately, we in medicine are only human, and that we can continue to grow and strive together.

Our Steering leaders

Yeon Woo Lee, MS4
Ariel Porto, MS4
James Trussler, MS4

Our Faculty advisor

Dr. Angela Jackson, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

As future physicians, we need to both appreciate the demanding workload of medicine as well as cope with its inevitable hardships and disappointments. We need to preach healthy lifestyles to our patients while maintaining our own health.
— From the Wellness Initiative Project Proposal

What We've Achieved

  • The Behavioral Health Clinic. The Wellness Initiative has worked with the Office of Student Affairs to establish a behavioral health clinic with resources to help students negotiate the stresses of medical school. An FAQ page was designed to help address any student questions and concerns.
  • The Resiliency Series. Worked with Dr. Paula Gardner to create a series of wellness-related sessions that address important topics such as how to maintain resiliency in careers/lives, how to deal with difficult topics such as death and dying, and how to address the “hidden curriculum” of medical school.
  • Wellness Funding. Wellness Funding is a new category of funding for events that promote wellness at BUSM. Any student wanting to create a wellness-related event/activity can be supported through this fund. 
  • The Wellness Calendar. This Google calendar is dedicated to bring together wellness-related and fun events both on and off-campus into one easy-to-access repository
  • The Wellness Initiative Newsletter. This weekly e-mail serves as an important tool to keeps the school updated about Wellness-related events and to relay any important wellness-related updates.
  • Data Collection. The data team collects and analyzes data from BUSM student surveys to better characterize the opinions, behaviors, and requests about student wellness. The team has presented this information to the deans of the Office of Student Affairs, and will continue to use this information to tailor the Wellness Initiative’s efforts.
  • Evening Rounds. The Wellness Initiative has created a regularly scheduled Friday “happy hour” where students from all classes can meet at a restaurant/pub near the medical school and connect, reconnect, and relax with friends.
  • Mentorship. The Wellness Initiative has worked with the Peer Advising Committee to connect fourth year students and preclinical students together for formal mentorship opportunities.
  • Wellness Fair (March 2017). The first-of-its-kind event for BUSM, the Wellness Fair took place in Hiebert Lounge and included booths from various student groups, mental health screening and informational handouts, food, prizes, and music. Its goal was to raise awareness as well as educate our peers on the resources available at BUSM.